Sobre Carlota

In 2017, at the age of 25 Carlota became captivated by knitwear and its place in the world. However, It was not about fashion, nor about trends. It was about the powerful and fascinating possibilities of knitting; a medium in which there are no limits to its potential. Through the exploration of new sources, experimenting with fantasy yarns, the constant search for sustainable materials and, working with the best artisanal professionals in Barcelona, Carlota Cahis’ knitwear collections are born. After studying BA fashion design at IED, Central Saint Martins University and working as a fashion designer for other brands such as TCN, Carlota commenced the beginning of her own business through the support of her beloved family and friends.

Carlota Cahis launched her eponymous line of artisanal knitwear for Spring Summer 2019 with the goal of finding a solution for women who want to feel comfortable without sacrificing style. The first collection consisted of a small capsule line of limited pieces and sold throughout Spain in a number of different boutiques.

As of this current point, Carlota is developing the collection for Fall Winter 2021 and aims to continually push forwards the possibilities of knitwear.
Each and every piece in the collection is manufactured in Barcelona by artisanal professionals, and continues to be designed for women with multifaceted lifestyles. Whether at home with their kids, traveling, having drinks with friends or heading to work, the knitwear is designed in mind to incorporate each of these moments – maintaining the ethos that you should always look as good as you feel. Carlota Cahis manages to do all of this whilst maintaining values of elegance, comfort, freshness, and color.

‘Carlota Cahis makes you feel comfortable, while remaining classy, elegant and fresh – a combination that we all strive for. Therefore producing knitwear garments which are easy and comfortable, developed with elaborated patterns, and high-quality finishings allows a sense of style that is essential not only to fashion but to all of us. Carlota Cahis wants to be regarded as specialists in our area and through constant continuity, give our customers certainty and consistency. Women should feel free; free from restriction. The knitwear does not only enable you to move freely but it encourages you to feel comfortable with yourself; It is designed to adapt to your body, rather than you needing to adapt to it. Carlota Cahis hopes to capture women’s love for color, power, light and, continually make you feel at ease.’
- Forbes Interview